Healing The Spirit: Astrology, Archetypes & Artmaking

8. The Fool in The Underworld with Mariola Rosario

Episode Summary

What is the archetypal underworld? How is our relationship with the underworld influenced by the empire and its relationship to death? How can we navigate our underworld experiences with deeper compassion?

Episode Notes

In today’s episode, I’m joined by my friend, Mariola Rosario. Mariola and I both identify as seekers on our paths, and in this conversation, we explored the archetype of the underworld with beginners’ mind through the lens of The Fool, the questioner. We discussed what the underworld is, how depictions of the underworld are dictate by the empire’s relationship to death, how Mariola’s experience growing up in Puerto Rico influence her view of the underworld, and some tips on how to navigate our own underworld experiences. We also discussed the question of “What if astrology is more than just a language?”

Here's Mariola's bio: 

Mariola Rosario (she/her) is a witch, astrologer, teacher, artist and independent researcher from Borikén, the land known as Puerto Rico. She is currently living and experiencing our global collapse from the shores of Paris, France. Mariola loves collaborating with artists, intuitives, freaks, ghouls, old, new & curious souls, students, teachers, organizers, activists, ancestors, flowers, plants, animals, candles, tarot, planets and beyond. She has always found herself somewhere between the teacher-student axis and would like to continue to find alternative and more compassionate routes towards inclusive pedagogy and revolutionary, anti-extractive modes of learning and co-creating spaces of magical and material mutual aid.   

Mariola’s books are open for one-on-one astrology consultations in English and Spanish. 

Connect with Mariola on through her website mariolarosario.com and her Instagram @mariola_rosario. 

Some resources mentioned in this episode are: Antonio Machado's Caminante, no hay camino and Alice Sparkly Kat's Postcolonial Astrology. Also, Britten LaRue's offering The Magician's Table - where Mariola will be one of the 13th readers this coming Spring 2022.

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